Medium and long-distance service vehicle.


  • Right side pantograph door for ascent and descent with pneumatic piston activation.
  • Side storage under the floor between axes and rear pass-through storage.
  • Up to 48 passenger seats.

Structure and Coating:

  • Steel structure with anti-corrosive protection.
  • Galvanized sheet coated luggage compartments over steel pipe structure and sealed with polyurethane adhesives.
  • Phenolic multi-laminated floor.
  • Lateral panels in galvanized sheet with a thickness of 1,25 mm.
  • Roof with FRP exterior coating.
  • Aluminum storage lids attached with polyurethane adhesives to support structure. Pantograph activation aided by pneumatic springs.
  • Wheel arches below FRP floor.
  • FRP front, rear and stirrups attaches to the structure with steel rivets. Polyurethane adhesives and metallic reinforcements.
  • FRP bumpers with interior steel pipe reinforcement.
  • Roof and panels with thermal insulation of expanded polyurethane.
  • Laminated bipartite windshield.
  • Printed glass windows attached with polyurethane adhesives. Grey-tinted glass.


  • Bilayer basecoat paint and polyurethane varnish.
  • Customer choice of color and distribution scheme.

Interior Coating and Equipment:

  • Roof, laterals and inferior rear coated in laminated plastic lined with velveteen and/ or faux leather.
  • Interior overhead compartment with A.C. distribution ducts, with individual reading lights.
  • Superior rear and front coated with FRP fabricated pieces.
  • Isolated engine area with fireproof membranes.
  • Anti-slip smooth rubber floor.
  • 3-point reclining seats upholstered in velveteen and faux leather with armrests and safety belts.
  • Air exhaust fan on the roof.
  • Defroster and heater in the driver’s cabin.
  • Interior heating system distributed by lateral plinths.
  • Curtains for passenger and driver’s windows.
  • 2 expellable roof skylights
  • C. equipment with condenser/evaporator installed on the roof and compressor near the front engine.