• Two right-side doors, one for front ascent and one for rear descent.

  • Double row of seats on the right side of the vehicle and single row on the left side with a capacity of carrying 32 seated passengers and 47 standing passengers.

  • Flat floor suitable for urban and statewide service.

Structure and Coating: 

  • Steel structure with anti-corrosive protection.
  • Metal sheet floor with linear ridges and a thickness of 2mm
  • Sides in galvanized sheet of #18
  • Wheel arches in galvanized sheet of #16
  • Roof and sides insulation with injected polyurethane
  • Roof coated in fiberglass
  • Front coated in fiberglass
  • Rear coated in fiberglass
  • Battery holder located on the left side of the vehicle
  • Rubber fender
  • Front and rear bumpers coated in fiberglass with an internal reinforcement made of pipe and steel angle
  • Double layer hood made of FRP with internal insulation against noise and heat


  • Pneumatic doors of 2 and 3 panels with center window
  • Galvanized hinges
  • Door brush (located in the inferior section)
  • Manual override doors with pneumatic locks

Windows and Windshields:

  • Aluminium framed windows attached to the structure with rubber edge strips
  • Central windows comply with the emergency exit requirements
  • Tempered glass solex color
  • Laminated windshield (in two versions: one piece and distributed)


  • Exterior paint made of bilayer polyurethane basecoat

Fuel Tank:

  • Fuel tank in molded plastic of 300 liters
  • Key on the fuel tank lid


  • Front optics located in the car headlight mask
  • Rear Stop Light installation
  • Rear lights


  • Roof coated with laminated plastic
  • Sides coated with laminated plastic
  • Interior rear in FRP
  • Interior front in FRP. Includes access to the front light, cabinet with lid suitable for use as a glove compartment or first aid kit
  • Dashboard in FRP
  • Engine lid in FRP with pneumatic pistons
  • Round pipe trimming coated with epoxy paint
  • Lining with smooth or linear ridges rubber floors
  • Roof exhauster
  • Windshield defogger
  • Heater within driver´s room

Driver’s Cabin:

  • Pneumatic horn
  • Electronic itinerary
  • Instrument panel´s keys with lightning


  • One piece plastic armchairs with upholstered cushions in both velveteen and imitation leather
  • Ergonomic driver ́s armchair with head support and safety seat belt. Includes a regulation system that allows sideways movement to facilitate the driver´s access
  • Rear armchairs with safety seat belt

AC Preparation:

  • Prepared body for roof AC
  • Interior FRP ducts with hatches for air flow
  • Preparation for air curtains located in both doors


  • Side curtains
  • Internal LED lighting
  • Under seat heater for passengers
  • AC (located in the roof of the body)


  • Galvanized tube structure
  • Lift ramp for the disabled
  • Bumpers with detachable toes
  • Alternatives for seating type and distribution
  • Electronic lights
  • Luminous sign
  • Multiplex system for driver’s cabin
  • PVC rubber floor
  • Pantograph door
  • Side, double, simple and rear storage
  • Tool box 
  • Placement of overhead compartments 
  • Audio system installation
  • Number of heater vents