• Three doors on the right side:
  • Front module: Front ascent door and central door for ascent and descent, equipped with manual ramp for handicap accessibility.
  • Rear module: 1 descent door behind the bellow.
  • Free space for 2 wheelchairs, 2 ischiatic supports and 2 reserved handicapped seats.
  • Total capacity: 46 seated passengers and 64 standing passengers.

Structure and Coating:

  • Steel structure with anti-corrosive protection.
  • Sides and roof coated in galvanized sheet with thickness of 1,25 mm.
  • Roof and sides insulation with injected polyurethane
  • Galvanized metal sheet floors over tube structure.
  • Wheel arches in galvanized sheet with a thickness of 1,60 mm and 2,00 mm.
  • Front, rear and stirrups made of FRP.
  • Front and rear FRP bumpers reinforced with internal tubes and steel sheets.
  • 3 glazed panel doors with independent pneumatic activation. Inferior closing brush. Interior locks with front door key. Glass windows attached with polyurethane adhesives and grey-tinted glass.
  • One-piece laminated windshield (optional: distributed windshield)


  • Exterior paint made of bilayer polyurethane basecoat
  • Selection of cuts and colors.


Interior Coating and Equipment:

  • Roof and sides coated in laminated plastic.
  • FRP openings with duct for A.C. distribution.
  • Front and rear interiors coated with FRP fabricated pieces.
  • Front interior includes access lid to luminous sector and windshield wiper engine, with the possibility of installing electronic signs.
  • Superior lateral drawer.
  • Anti-slip rubber floor and luminous step signaling.
  • Body frame over rear engine with thermoacoustic insulation.
  • Round pipe trimming protected with epoxy paint and interior partitions of tempered glass.
  • One-piece plastic passenger seating with armchair cushions and backrest upholstered with faux leather.
  • Seats over body frame in front of the corridor include safety seatbelt.
  • Optional: velveteen upholstery.
  • Ample selection of upholstery colors.
  • Interior camera system for door and stirrup view.
  • Air exhaust fan on the roof.
  • Optional: Up to 2 expellable skylights.
  • Windshield defroster and heater in driver´s cabin.
  • Isolated engine area with galvanized sheet and expanded polyurethane.
  • C. equipment with 1 condenser/evaporator installed on the roof of each module and a compressor near the rear engine.