We focus on constant development and innovation

Carrocerías Ugarte is a manufacturing company dedicated to design, production, and commercialization of vehicles for passenger transport.


Carrocerías Ugarte

Is a manufacturing company dedicated to design, production, and commercialization of vehicles for passenger transport.

Our main goal is “The satisfaction of our customers” which we achieve through the continuous improvement of our products. We strive for development and constant innovation in our field.


Customer satisfaction

We are aware that success is based on coordinated work that requires cooperation with providers, the care of our work environment and continuous professional development for our employees. That is the reason why we approach through teamwork the fulfillment of the goal of “Customer satisfaction”.



Our quality standards are one of the many means we use to achieve the company’s goal “Customer satisfaction”. We certify our processes following ISO quality standards 9001:2000 and adhere to a strict compliance with the CNRT standards.



Our designer team is dedicated to elaborating state-of-the-art models from the initial stages of the concept, the layout via CAD (Computer Aided Design) to the final 3D modelling. Our efforts and track record have made us pioneers in implementing design and technology in urban passenger transport.

Our story

Our beginning can be traced back to 1989, when Fernando Ugarte creates Autobus Corporation with the purpose of producing reliable bodies and chassis from different brands.

His first production site was located in the neighborhood of Pompeya with a capacity of 1.700 square meters of surface area, where on September 3rd 1990 the production of bodyworks started with a total of 17 workmen and 3 administrative employees under the supervision of the firma? President, achieving an average of 3 units per month.

By the late 1990, Autobus Corporation starts to develop their products under the UGARTE brand, increasing product optimization.

Due to the high acceptance rate our products have in the market, in 1998 we started an expansion process by reforming an important property located in 7334 Av. Juan Bautista Alberdi in the Mataderos neighborhood. Said location possesses 7000 square meters. With this endeavor, we achieved a more personalized experience for our customers, reaching a record production number of 26 monthly units.

Nowadays, the company keeps expanding into wider properties for an increased capacity of production. We are proud to rely on an exclusive location for production of urban buses and another one to produce medium and long-distance vehicles.

If you are interested in joining our team, send us your CV to rrhh@autobusugarte.com.ar.